Sludge in heating and cooling systems

Sludge problems are the Achilles heel of all heating and cooling systems. Sludge, scale and corrosion accumulate, causing reduced efficiency and increasingly frequent breakdowns.

Closed systems are prone to sludge formation

Heating and air-conditioning systems are hydraulic installations that operate in closed circuits. In other words, the water that circulates in them is constantly recycled, becoming increasingly loaded with impurities known as sludge. This sludge mainly contains :

  • Metal oxides. The oxygen normally present in the system corrodes the pipes.
  • Sludge of organic origin. Some micro-organisms such as bacteria or algae find conditions in your pipelines that are favourable to their development (moderate temperature, humidity, etc.).
  • Scale, due to the presence of limestone in the water.

Over time, this sludge clogs up all the components of your heat pump or central heating system: heating bodies, valves, pumps, radiators, pipes, etc. To make matters worse, the pipes in heating systems are often small in diameter, with many bends where these mineral or biological particles like to nest.

Symptoms of a blocked heating or air conditioning system

To recognise a clogged system, here are some of the signals that should alert you to this problem:

  • Terminals make abnormal noises or “gurgling”.
  • When you drain your radiators, the water that flows out is muddy or coloured.
  • You notice cold spots on your radiators or underfloor heating.
  • Your air conditioners are blowing warm or hot air.
  • You find it difficult to reach the desired temperature, even with the heating or air conditioning on.
  • The performance of the system is deteriorating, resulting in excessive energy consumption.
  • Equipment breakdowns occur more and more frequently.
  • Corrosion marks appear, which can lead to holes and water leaks if the de-silting operation is postponed for too long.

Our solutions for cleaning, descaling and protecting your systems

To clear and protect your boilers and air conditioners over the long term, Curatec’s teams use gentle and non-aggressive methods, without dismantling or replacing them. Our technicians apply these solutions in all types of environments: residential buildings, offices, shops, industries, etc.

  • De-silting and deoxidising by active methodology consists of injecting de-silting products into a closed circuit and setting them in motion. This chemical treatment will soften and remove the sludge and corrosion particles, a bit like a detergent that dissolves and removes stains. As in your washing machine, these products are then neutralised and carefully rinsed to remove the last residues. This shock treatment results in a rapid and immediate return of the energetic performance of your installations.
  • The conditioning of systems consists of applying treatments to prevent the reappearance of sludge over time. Different methods can be used to obtain good results, either by equipment or by injecting chemical products.

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