Curatec : cleaning, stripping and
rehabilitation of pipelines in Luxembourg

Curatec : cleaning, stripping and
rehabilitation of pipelines in Luxembourg

Healthy and functional systems like when first installed

Curatec restores the initial performance of your heating, air conditioning, sanitary and wastewater systems by combining innovative treatment and renovation processes.

In-building piping :
the heart of our expertise

Curatec’s technicians work in the 12 cantons of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Specialists in intra-building networks, they put their know-how at the service of :

  • syndicates and managers of residential buildings
  • technical operators of networks
  • industrial and service sector professionals
  • medical and social institutions, etc.


Curatec Benelux SÀRL, established in Luxembourg since 2013, is the subsidiary of a group established in the east of France for more than 20 years.

Which system do you want to treat ?





Interventions without destruction

Our work is carried out without demolition or replacement of pipes, in open or occupied locations.

Guaranteed results

Our free reintervention guarantee extends to 10 years for pipe lining.

360° solutions

Benefit from a single point of contact for your prevention, maintenance and system rehabilitation operations.

Our solutions to treat, maintain and renovate your pipes

Audits and diagnostics

Preliminary analyses of the problems affecting your installations to guide you towards effective and sustainable treatments.

Very high pressure cleaning

A remarkable process that combines power, speed and finesse to restore the nominal diameter of your pipes

Pipe lining

A very innovative technique for renovating wastewater and black water systems, without demolition or replacement.

Biological cleaning

A gentle method of treatment by bacterial seeding, adapted to aging wastewater and blackwater systems.

Scaling and deoxidation

Injection and continuous circulation of an active treatment in hot water systems to eliminate scale and biofilms.


Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary installations in prevention or in emergency, after detection of abnormal concentrations of legionella.


A quick and efficient de-silting operation using active methods to dissolve and evacuate the sludge that clogs your installations.

Prevention and maintenance

Inspections and treatments, on a regular basis or as a supplement, to preserve the optimal performance of your pipes.