Wastewater and sewage systems

Curatec, a European specialist in the cleaning and rehabilitation of systems for over 20 years, has also been active in Luxembourg since 2013. Our technicians deploy a wide range of solutions adapted to the various drainage systems.

Drainage systems

In terms of drainage, we distinguish between:

  • Wastewater. This is water that is evacuated after use in a domestic or professional context. It is composed of household water, used for example for cooking or cleaning, and black water, from toilets.
  • Clear or rainwater. As this water only passes through roofs or yards before being collected, it is much less polluted.

Almost all inhabitants of Luxembourg are now connected to a drainage system, so that the water is properly treated before being discharged into the environment. When the sanitation systems were first created, wastewater and clear water were brought together in a single mixed system. But this led to dilution of the wastewater and unnecessary strain on the treatment plants.

Why do wastewater systems clog so often?

Household and black water, which has been used for human activity, is by nature loaded with many residues and pollutants. This wastewater can contain grease, soap, scale, detergents, faeces, etc. The problem is that all these organic and chemical particles settle and gradually agglomerate along the walls of the system, until they cause back-flow. Pipelines, collectors, drop columns: none of the components of the drainage systems escape the slow but inevitable formation of such deposits.

Stormwater systems can also become clogged with sand, leaves, sludge, stones, etc. Without regular maintenance, these pipelines also become clogged, although the process is slower.

The rule now is to install separate systems to collect and treat rainwater and wastewater separately.

A wide range of solutions for cleaning your wastewater and clear water systems

Clogged or even blocked pipelines are the source of many problems: poor drainage, back-flow, odours, etc. However, wastewater and rainwater systems operate in an open circuit. The liquid effluents that circulate in them, are sooner or later discharged into the natural environment. To maintain and treat these drainage systems, we therefore use exclusive mechanical or biological methods, without any risks for human health or the environment: 

  • High Frequency® cleaning allows for complete, ecological and ultra-efficient cleaning of collectors, pipelines and drop columns.
  • Traditional cleaning is sometimes sufficient to clean the interior collectors and the lower parts of the installation.
  • Curabio® biological cleaning is well suited to the treatment of ageing, weakened or hard-to-reach pipelines.

Why do wastewater systems clog so often?

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