Descaling and deoxidising sanitary hot water circuits

Do users complain of unusual changes in the flow rate and temperature of the sanitary hot water, or that the hot water takes longer and longer to come? Sometimes the water coming out of the taps even takes on a rusty colour? These anomalies are often a sign of systems that are clogged with scale and corrosion. Fortunately, Curatec offers highly effective solutions for the removal of scale and corrosion from pipelines for residential and industrial facilities.

Scale and corrosion, 2 major problems for your water systems

These two effects appear more or less quickly, depending on the physical and chemical characteristics of the water being distributed and the design of the systems. However, no sanitary hot water system is completely free of them!

Factors at the heart of scale formation

Depending on the area of distribution, water carries a more or less significant quantity of calcium and magnesium salts. These mineral salts, which are beneficial to human health, accumulate in the water as it passes through the soil before entering the drinking water system.

If you live in an area with a high calcium level in the subsoil, your water will be hard or very hard. On the other hand, when water passes through sandy or gritty soils, it remains softer.

The “softness” or “hardness” of water is measured objectively. In Luxembourg, it is expressed either in French degrees (°f or fH) or in German degrees (°dH).

For example, the inhabitants of Luxembourg supplied by the Syndicat des Eaux du Barrage d’Esch-sur-Sûre (SEBES) are lucky enough to enjoy drinking water that is considered soft. This water has a total hardness of 7.5 in French degrees, or 4.2 in German degrees.

The problem is that as soon as the water is heated to over 55°C, the transformation of these minerals into solid scale molecules accelerates. In order to fight certain pathogenic bacteria such as legionella, the water circulating in sanitary systems must be heated to a very high temperature!

Even with soft water, limescale eventually deposits and accumulates in the systems, particularly in the sanitary hot water circuits

Corrosion, the plague of water systems

The corrosion of sanitary water systems is due to another chemical phenomenon, which is just as inevitable. Oxygen molecules and mineral salts transported by the circulating hot water will cause corrosion of the metal components of your sanitary installations. Little by little, metallic oxides are deposited and accumulate on the internal walls of your systems.

The use of so-called noble metals such as copper, or plastic materials such as HDPE, helps to slow down the process. But here again, the degradation and obstruction of sanitary water systems due to corrosion are inevitable.

Proven descaling and deoxidising treatments

To eliminate the limescale and metal oxides that cling to the walls of the system and can completely block it, Curatec technicians use various mechanical and chemical treatments. All these treatments are approved for water, intended for human consumption and are environmentally friendly. They are accompanied by information and safety measures for people and their property, to avoid any problems.

Curatec’s technicians will inject an active circulation treatment into the sanitary water circuits, which dissolves scale and metal oxides as it passes.

To guarantee optimal results, they will focus on the areas where scale accumulates the quickest, such as the loop and hot water tanks. A control sleeve system allows them to visually check the result of the operation, that they will pursue until the pipelines have regained their initial diameter.

The chemical solution is then passivated, neutralised and rinsed, before a preventive film-forming treatment is applied. As the name suggests, this treatment prevents the return of scale and corrosion by forming a protective barrier on the pipes against the action of oxygen. Curatec can also offer you water treatment solutions to ensure the durability of your installations (softeners, dosing pumps, filters, film-forming treatments, etc.).

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