Biological cleaning of wastewater pipelines

High frequency cleaning of pipelines has become the preferred technique for cleaning and stripping your entire drainage systems. However, this highly effective process is not always suitable. Curatec’s teams therefore sometimes use another method that is better suited to weakened pipelines: biological cleaning. It can be used in addition to or instead of a high frequency treatment

In what situations is biological cleaning of pipelines recommended?

Gentle cleaning of degraded pipelines

Biological cleaning is first used on aging pipelines, which have become porous or fragile over time. In spite of all our precautions, a hydrodynamic cleaning would indeed be likely to damage them permanently. It is easy to imagine the inconveniences if the pipelines carrying household water or black water were to break or burst inside the building…

This passive method is therefore an alternative solution to progressively disintegrate the organic deposits that cause pollution and bad odours.

If the biological method is used alone, the treatment must be repeated several times to obtain satisfactory results. The operations are usually spread out over 3 to 6 months, or even more if your pipelines are severely clogged.

Once the treatment has had its effect, the agglomerated residues fall naturally to the bottom of the column. They land in the interior collectors, from where we evacuate them after rinsing with a hydro-cleaner truck.

Annual maintenance of wastewater systems

Biological cleaning works very well in the context of preventive maintenance. For example, Curatec teams use the biological method when the annual inspection of the pipelines shows an accumulation of grease or organic matter on the walls, without any particular gravity.

Pre-treatment before hydrodynamic cleaning

Finally, biological cleaning offers interesting results in the preparation of a very high pressure cleaning. We use the biological solution to soften and dissolve clogged materials along vertical pipelines, especially wastewater drop pipes.

Once the treatment has softened the biofilm deposits, the High Frequency Technology cleaning is even more effective, while reducing the mechanical stress on the weakened systems. At the end, a treatment of the horizontal collectors will allow the evacuation of the final residues remaining in the installations.

What do the products used for biological cleaning contain?

For an effective biological cleaning, 2 complementary preparations are used:

  • The liquid solution Curabio-Colonne is composed of a mixture of bacteria that is 100% biodegradable. These micro-organisms seeded in the pipes will in some way “eat” the residues accumulated along the walls, a little like the enzymes present in your stomach that break down the proteins and lipids absorbed during meals. This ecological preparation does not contain any aggressive chemicals such as caustic soda.
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus are used as bacterial activators, to boost the action of the enzymes in the pipeline. Again, these products are not harmful to the environment, as they are used in the manufacture of natural fertilizers for gardeners.

Would you like to discuss with a technician the conditions for the use of Curabio, our biological pipeline cleaning method?

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