Sanitary hot water installations (SHW)

Curatec’s technicians implement appropriate treatments for all sanitary hot water systems, either hot or cold. However, sanitary hot water installations deserve special attention because of the specific risks involved.

Sanitary hot water, a favourable environment for the development of limescale and pathogenic germs

The water that circulates in sanitary systems is naturally rich in limescale. The presence of this element is good news for our health, since by drinking tap water we absorb calcium or magnesium in passing.

Yet, when the water is heated, these mineral salts in the water crystallise and form a scale crust. This layer of scale, which is deposited in the pipelines and around the heating elements, can be dangerous.

Limescale, a factor in the premature ageing of sanitary installations

The formation of limescale impairs the proper functioning of the sanitary hot water system. Limescale is an insulating material that slows down thermal exchanges and complicates the production of hot water. It nests wherever possible, reducing both the volume of hot water available and its flow rate.

To produce the same result, your water heater or heat pump must consume more and more electricity. Overworked, sanitary appliances struggle to deliver the expected results and break down more and more often.

A favourable environment for the development of legionella

More importantly, limescale and biofilms in sanitary water systems promote the growth of pathogenic organisms such as legionella. High concentrations of such germs in shower or tap water can have serious consequences for human health, including death.

Therefore, the care and maintenance of sanitary hot water systems should not be neglected. The government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, for example, provides recommendations on this subject to institutions open to the public, such as high schools or sports clubs.

Sanitary hot water systems, systems that need to be properly maintained!

The symptoms of a scaled system

Scale in domestic hot water installations is a problem that does not go unnoticed. These indicators should give you cause for concern:

  • Reduction or total loss of flow at the tap.
  • Variation in the temperature of the hot water supplied.
  • Water turning rusty, either intermittently or continuously.
  • Hot water taking longer to arrive.
  • Blocked valves and taps, etc.

Treatments for clean and healthy water

To eliminate scale and biofilms and to restore healthy and efficient water systems, Curatec offers you descaling and deoxidising solutions. Our chemical treatments are injected and put into circulation to dissolve the scale in your systems before removing it. These operations carried out by Curatec immediately restore your installations to their initial characteristics and performance.

Disinfection of sanitary installations is a strong weapon in the fight against pathogenic germs such as legionella.

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