Very High Pressure (VHP) pipeline cleaning

Are your pipelines clogged with thick layers of scale, biofilm, sludge or even rubble? 

The Very High Pressure (VHP) cleaning is a very innovative technique, successfully used by our teams to clean and strip the entire drainage systems in Luxembourg. 

This process, also known as high-frequency cleaning, makes it possible to eliminate all the deposits blocking the pipelines!

Why opt for Very High Pressure pipe cleaning?

Very high pressure or high frequency cleaning is a technique for cleaning and stripping the entire system. It can be used on all types of pipes (stoneware, PVC, cast iron, steel, etc.), and is very effective in cleaning pipelines, even when they are close to total blockage. 

Here are some examples of applications on intra-building pipelines:

  • Household wastewater, black water and clear water systems.
  • Drop pipes for buildings up to 59 floors.
  • Internal collectors within buildings.
  • Industrial circuits, process systems, etc.

The process is implemented from the foot of the pipe. It consists of passing a flexible Kevlar hose with a diameter of 8 mm through the pipeline to be treated. A lamellar jet nozzle placed at the end of this hose projects water at very high speed and low flow rate onto the internal walls of the pipeline. The water then literally disintegrates all the foreign particles that disturb the correct circulation of your pipelines.

The application, of a surgical precision, limits the risks of disgorgements or water damage inside the housing to a maximum. It also allows to consume about 5 times less water than a traditional hydrocleaning, that is to say 15 to 20 L/min only. High frequency hydrocleaning works without the addition of chemicals that could harm the environment.

Nature-friendly, the process is also very gentle on your systems. It preserves the integrity of the pipelines, including the fittings, thus avoiding expensive work.

Why do we talk about Very High Pressure cleaning?

During a traditional pipeline cleaning, plumbers usually use high pressure cleaners. The pressure of the water propelled by these professional machines, somewhat comparable to Kärcher, is between 150 and 300 bars. Such a pressure makes it possible to obtain satisfactory results on vertical pipelines of low height, or when the deposits on the walls are not very important.

However, high pressure is not efficient enough to unblock very clogged pipelines, or drop pipes in high-rise buildings. The traditional high pressure will unblock the soft parts, but it will not disintegrate the clogged solid deposits. In addition, the limited pressure, combined with a very high flow rate of about 80 to 100 L/minute, may result in backflow that could be very annoying to occupants.

In order to clean up kinked or very dirty pipes, our technicians go to the next level! They use mobile Very High Pressure generators that reach up to 1500 bars at the pump outlet. In reality, the water pressure inside the pipes is more like 800 to 1000 bars.

The water that comes out of these autonomous units is propelled at a very high pressure, at a speed higher than 800 km/h, but with a limited flow rate of 17 L/min on average. As a result, the water acquires phenomenal force and speed, for a complete stripping of the pipelines and drop pipes… with a lot of finesse!

Are you considering a 100% cleaning and stripping of your drainage systems? 

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